Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fliq Tasks 3.0 - Major Update for Android - Cloud Backup & Sync

It has been a bit over a year since our last update to the Android version of Fliq Tasks - much longer than we had intended! But the wait is over, and we're excited to have a major new release out today.

There are a number of great UI changes, bug fixes, and features. But you'll see we're bumping to version 3, and the increase in version number reflects a big shift in the product -- we have added support for cloud backups, and cloud sync across multiple devices via our new Fliq subscription accounts.

Further, we have made some very nice improvements related to working with completed tasks - there are now new and better ways that they can be filtered, sorted, and displayed.

The Laundry List of What's New

New Premium Features:

  • Secure cloud backup provided via premium subscription service (sign up at
  • Secure cloud sync between multiple supported phones, tablets, and other devices provided via premium subscription service (sign up at

New Features:

  • Help menu option, which displays Quick Start Guide
  • Completion date is now tracked for tasks (helps us sort completed tasks better, and will help us support other new features in future updates)
  • Completed Tasks View: You can now view all of your completed items together. Just like filtering by "Starred", you can now filter the list of tasks by those that have been "Completed".
  • Improved sorting by date: Tasks that have not been completed will sort ahead of completed tasks, and completed tasks will sort by the completion date (prior version sorted completed tasks by due date)
  • Improved display of completed tasks: Completed tasks will show the completion date in list view (prior version showed the due date)
  • New "Add Category" shortcut has been added to the menu of categories when creating a note

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where items without a due date could sometimes display in list view with a due date in 1969
  • Fixed an issue where completed items would display their due date in list view, rather than their completed date
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a search result didn't always take you to the search result
  • Fixed issue where widget did not follow the "hide completed tasks" preference

Premium Subscriptions

As it has been, the application remains free to use on your devices.

What is new to the table are our subscription accounts, which add the ability for you to keep a secure backup in the cloud, as well as to keep your notes in sync between as many devices as you like via our new Fliq premium accounts. Mix and match between phone, tablet, etc.  We're starting with Android, Nook, Kindle and BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry PlayBook.

You can sign up for an account at, and purchase a 1-year subscription for $9.99 direct from our online store.

Getting the New Version

This new release is available immediately on Google Play for Android phones, tablets, and other devices running Android. If you already have the app installed, you will get a notification in Google Play about the update.

Get it on Google Play

We are working on submitting variants for Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook, and the app should show up on those markets later this month.

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