Friday, March 15, 2013

Enabling iOS Support in the New 2.0 SMS Log

Mark/Space SMS Log is a great way to archive all of your text messages, even across multiple phones!

We have been supporting this across a number of platforms and phones over the years via our Missing Sync product line, including Android and Apple iPhone.

One of the most requested features we added in our 2.0 update to Mark/Space SMS log is support for the latest Apple iOS device running iOS6, including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Not only have we added support for iOS6, but we have integrated this right into the SMS Log application, and also support older devices running iOS3 on up.

Enabling the new feature

If you are long time Mark/Space customer, one thing you will notice with this upgrade is that we are no longer using registration codes. Starting with this application, all of our premium features will be unlocked by adding them to an account that will be shared across all of the Mark/Space applications.

If it is the first time you run the app, or have not yet signed in to your account, you will get a reminder with some handy links to sign in or learn more:

Just click "sign in" to get a chance to enter your account information, or to create a new account:

If you have not already done so, you can upgrade your account to add SMS Log premium features at our online store.

Doing your first import

Once you have signed in to your account, and have upgraded your account for this new feature,  you can then "Configure iOS devices" from the SMS Log menu, and choose which of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices that you would like to import messages from:

Once this is configured, the rest is automatic -- SMS Log will periodically check your backup files for new messages, and bring them into the archive. It is that simple!


MajorUpside said...

Having purchased the new utility and created an account, I cannot find a way to activate configuration of my IOS devices. Can anyone help please? The dashboard on my account shows no subscription for IOS.

Brian Hall said...

See this blog post on enabling iOS support...

If that doesn't help, we have seen a few cases where the account was set up with one email address, and the purchase made with a different one. If that is the case, contact support and we can make sure the correct account gets credited.

If that is the case, or the blog post doesn't help, just reach out at