Friday, March 15, 2013

Checking out MMS in the New SMS Log 2.0 Update

Multimedia Messages and Mark/Space SMS Log

If you are like many people, you receive pictures, movies and other files via text message from time to time. Baby pictures. Movies of family and friends. Business Cards.

Viewing Multimedia Messages

New with version 2 of SMS Log is the ability to both display and save off these messages.

When viewing a conversation, you'll now see that messages with a MMS (multimedia message) attachment will have an icon representing the type of attachment, and a "View MMS" button above the message.

Here is a message that has a photo attached...

Viewing and Saving Message Attachments

For any message that has photos, videos, or files attached, just click the "View MMS" button next to the message, and you will be able to view the attachments in the message panel. To save the messages off, use the "Save Attachments" popup and select the individual attachment you would like to save, or you can save all of the attachments at the same time to a folder of your choice.

Getting Mark/Space SMS Log

The Mark/Space SMS Log update can be downloaded from our downloads page, and also comes with The Missing Sync (available for Android and other platforms).

To enable the ability to work with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch multimedia messages, you can purchase this premium feature at our online store.

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