Friday, March 29, 2013

Call Log 2.0 - Gets Integrated iPhone Support

A major update to Mark/Space Call Log has just been released.

As we promised back in February when we posted the 1.3 update, we have done some major work under the hood.  Similar to the update we did earlier in the month for SMS Log, we now support collecting iPhone call data from inside the app directly (previous versions required Missing Sync for iPhone to get the call data).

The new premium feature:

Other changes include:

  • Now unbundled from our Missing Sync products - purchase by itself with iOS support
  • Switch from using registration codes, to our new premium accounts model
  • New "Delete Duplicates" menu item. This scan the archive and then will only remove 100% exact match duplicates.
  • Performance enhancements related to search, sorting, and displaying large databases
This new release works with our existing Missing Sync products, including Missing Sync for iPhone. However for those that use an iOS device, it is now possible to purchase this product by itself, rather than in the full bundle.

Existing Missing Sync for iPhone Customers:

  • You can continue to use Missing Sync for iPhone with this release, although to get support for direct import of iPhone call data, you will need to unlock the new features via purchase at our store.
  • If you purchased the Mac version of Missing Sync for iPhone on or after September 1, 2012, and would like a complimentary upgrade to this new feature, just contact support to upgrade your account.

Existing Missing Sync for Android, Palm OS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry Customers:

  • Just download this new version and enjoy the performance improvements, non iOS related enhancements, and bug fixes.
  • If you happen to own an iOS device in addition to the one you had previously purchased Missing Sync for, consider upgrading to a premium account to get the new iOS support.

Those with an iOS device that do not already own Missing Sync for iPhone:

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