Monday, February 04, 2013

Call Log for Mac - 1.3 Update

Following the recent update to SMS Log, we have now posted a similar update to the Mac version of our Call Log application.

Mark/Space Call Log is included with our Missing Sync series of applications (most notably for iPhone and Android), and provides a way to search, sort, export and browse an archive of your mobile phone calls.

To get the update, intended for Missing Sync customers, just select the "Check for Updates" option inside the application, or visit our downloads page.

Changes include:

  • A major UI overhaul - a brand-new threaded view of calls, where calls are grouped by contact.
  • New Sorting Options for Contacts: First, Last, Company Name or by Date (of most recent call)
  • New Sorting Option for list of calls -- most recent at top of list, or oldest at top of listUpdated for Mac OS X, 10.8 (and now requires 10.7 or later. Support for 10.6 has been dropped)
  • Improved display of numbers -- they are now formatted according to international formatting rules, so that the country code will be shown as "+1" for the United States, "+49" for Germany, etc.
  • Now display the label attached to a number -- for example "Home", "Work", etc.
  • Updated all alerts that offered choice of "Yes/No", which can be confusing, to a choice of "Cancel" and the name of the action, such as "Delete Contact".
New Contact Sort Options
New Contact Sorting Options

What is coming next?

These updates were all to set the stage for our next improvement, which will be to provide integrated support for iOS devices.

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