Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fliq Notes and Fliq Tasks Get Quick Start Guides

New Quick Start Guides

The Android versions of Fliq Notes and Fliq Tasks now have handy Quick Start guides available.

The guides cover basic tasks such as creating notes & tasks, organizing them by category, searching and sorting.

Viewing the guides

They will be accessible from a help menu in updates soon to be released, and in the meantime, you can view them online:
These guides apply to the Android, Nook, Kindle, PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 versions of Fliq Notes and Fliq Tasks.

(iPhone/iPad folks need not worry, we're working on iOS updates too!)

How to get the apps

You can find both apps on Google Play, Amazon Appstore (for Kindle Fire), Barnes & Noble Nook Apps and BlackBerry World for BlackBerry PlayBook and the new BlackBerry 10 devices.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Mark/Space Facebook Page

Mark/Space on Facebook - Starting on day 1 with a humble 9 "Likes"

Valentines Day was earlier this month, but we hope you'll still share the love and "Like" us on Facebook.

Our new facebook page joins the newsletter, blog and twitter as a way for us to share news, tips and stories.

In particular, and even more important, we are looking forward to your comments, suggestions and feedback, which we think will find a more natural home on Facebook compared to (for example) this blog.

Head on over to and join in on the conversation!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Tip: Adding Notes to your Calls

One of the features that Mark/Space Call Log has had from the beginning is the ability to annotate calls you have received with a note.

In our most recent update, calls that have a note attached to them stand out in the list with a note icon:

Look for the Note Icon!
Notes are a great way for you to quickly jot down a summary of a call, which then can be easily searched in the future.

Getting the Update

If you have not already upgraded to the latest version, just pick "Check for Update" from the menu bar, or visit our downloads page.

Mark/Space Call Log is included with our Missing Sync product line, in particular The Missing Sync for iPhone and The Missing Sync for Android.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Android Art

A bit of stained glass artwork seen on a visit to Google. A bit nerdly but in a fun way. I like it.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Checking out Threaded View for Call Log

As mentioned earlier, our new 1.3 update to Call Log supports a handy threaded view of calls based on the selected contact(s). Just select one (or more) contacts, and you will see a sorted list of all the calls that have taken place with those contacts.

To see the more traditional list of all calls pick "Select None" from the edit menu, or command-click on the selected contact – the list will then show all calls from all contacts.

Getting the Update

If you have not already upgraded to this latest version, just pick "Check for Update" from the menu bar, or visit our downloads page.

Mark/Space Call Log is included with our Missing Sync product line, in particular The Missing Sync for iPhone and The Missing Sync for Android.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Call Log for Mac - 1.3 Update

Following the recent update to SMS Log, we have now posted a similar update to the Mac version of our Call Log application.

Mark/Space Call Log is included with our Missing Sync series of applications (most notably for iPhone and Android), and provides a way to search, sort, export and browse an archive of your mobile phone calls.

To get the update, intended for Missing Sync customers, just select the "Check for Updates" option inside the application, or visit our downloads page.

Changes include:

  • A major UI overhaul - a brand-new threaded view of calls, where calls are grouped by contact.
  • New Sorting Options for Contacts: First, Last, Company Name or by Date (of most recent call)
  • New Sorting Option for list of calls -- most recent at top of list, or oldest at top of listUpdated for Mac OS X, 10.8 (and now requires 10.7 or later. Support for 10.6 has been dropped)
  • Improved display of numbers -- they are now formatted according to international formatting rules, so that the country code will be shown as "+1" for the United States, "+49" for Germany, etc.
  • Now display the label attached to a number -- for example "Home", "Work", etc.
  • Updated all alerts that offered choice of "Yes/No", which can be confusing, to a choice of "Cancel" and the name of the action, such as "Delete Contact".
New Contact Sort Options
New Contact Sorting Options

What is coming next?

These updates were all to set the stage for our next improvement, which will be to provide integrated support for iOS devices.