Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Missing Sync on BlackBerry PlayBook

As of today, Missing Sync is now available in App World on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

In our intial release, we are supporting Wi-Fi sync to our Mac and PC versions of The Missing Sync for Android.

With the addition of this sync client on the PlayBook, the following data types can now sync to a Mac or PC running Missing Sync:
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Music

And with our Fliq Notes, Tasks, Bookmarks and Calendar apps (free downloads in App World) installed on the PlayBook, you can also sync:
  • Calendar Events
  • Notes
  • Tasks
  • Bookmarks
We are working with RIM developer support to bring support for additional data types (for example, Podcasts) in the future.

While the fact that we use Missing Sync for Android on the desktop side may seem odd, it will make more sense later on. We are planning to merge our current Missing Sync for BlackBerry and Missing Sync for Android into a single Missing Sync product.

If you are a current Missing Sync for Android customer, enjoy this additional device support.

For our Missing Sync for BlackBerry customers on the Mac, you'll notice one big change -- we support the playbook on both Mac and Windows PC!

If you are a past Missing Sync for BlackBerry customer, take advantage of our upgrade pricing for Mac or Windows to get a customer appreciation discount.

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