Sunday, February 12, 2012

GoGadget 1.5 - Now for Mac and PC!

GoGadget 1.5 is out, and the biggest news is that we now have a PC version in addition to the Mac version!

GoGadget is your one stop media sync tool and is meant to handle all your devices, in an expandable way:
It handles loading up your devices with all the media that they support (visit out complete feature list):
For those that had been using prior versions for Mac OS X, the Mac update includes:
  • Support for additional devices
  • Can now use unsupported devices with default settings until official support is added, with the option to submit information about the device to Mark/Space for future support
  • Enhanced video plugin - now includes device specific encoding optimizations, improved workflow, and can sync DRM-free videos from iTunes
  • Visit our downloads page for the update, or pick "Check for Updates" when running GoGadget on your computer.
For those new to GoGadget, please visit our web site to learn more.

You can purchase a copy for your Mac or PC starting from $19.95, or if you have previously purchased any Mark/Space product, you can get the special upgrade price of only $9.95.

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