Monday, November 21, 2011

New Welcome Home App Makes the Switch to a New Android Phone Fast and Easy


If you have, or plan to buy, a new Android phone, the one big dilemma you have probably considered is how to get your data and files currently on a BlackBerry, iPhone or your computer setup on your new Android phone - whether you have a new Motorola Photon 4G, a HTC EVO, a Samsung Galaxy SII, or another Android OS-powered phone.

Mark/Space, the award-winning developers of the popular The Missing Sync and Fliq apps, has solved this problem by releasing the Welcome Home to Android app, the fastest Android data setup app available.

With the release of the Welcome Home to Android app, customers making the switch to Android can now reliably, quickly and easily transfer, copy, migrate and setup their contacts, calendars, notes, music, photos, videos and other data and files from a BlackBerry or iPhone to Android in just minutes.

If you were waiting to get an Android phone until you could find a reliable and easy way to setup all of your vital data and files from a BlackBerry or iPhone to your new Android phone, your wait is over.

Welcome Home is just in time for the holidays. In fact, if you are gifting an Android phone to a family member or friend this holiday, now you can also include with your gift a simple registration code from Mark/Space after purchasing a copy of Welcome Home.

With the registration code, your gift recipient can easily download the Welcome Home app, and in minutes, begin setting up their new Android phone with all of their most important data and files from their BlackBerry or iPhone, and from their Mac or PC as well.

Until today, there was no single solution that offered a reliable, easy and fast way to transfer and setup data, media and files for customers who are new to the Android platform. Setting up a new Android phone can be complicated and time-consuming for people who switched to Android from a BlackBerry or iPhone device.

Even if you know someone who already has an Android phone, they will still benefit from the Welcome Home app because now they finally have a reliable way to get their vital data, files and media onto their Android device. Plus, they can even back-up their existing Android data to their Mac or PC, for safe-keeping.

Get more details, including features and requirements, about the Welcome Home to Android app, view screenshots of Welcome Home in action, and purchase your copy of Welcome Home today. Whether you buy Welcome Home for yourself, a friend or family member, the switch to an Android phone is now easier and faster than ever before.


RC said...

This cant detect the latest samsung galaxy note! Hope this get fixed soon.

Brian Hall said...

Are you using the Mac or PC version of Welcome Home?

jeffgoods said...

Not working on my Razor Maxx

Brian Hall said...

Please visit for assistance (and be sure to let us know if you are using the Mac or PC version)