Thursday, April 28, 2011

Outlook 2011 for Mac Adds Events and Tasks Sync

Microsoft recently updated Outlook 2011 for Mac with a Service Pack (SP1) update.

Among many other changes, Microsoft has now added support for aalendar events and tasks to be able to sync with other Mac applications via the Mac OS X Sync Services framework

Prior to this update, Outlook 2011 would sync contacts with Address Book, but not other data types. As of this new update, Outlook for Mac is now able to sync events and tasks to iCal as well.

The good news for our customers, is that you will now be able to use our Missing Sync products to sync Outlook 2011 for Mac contacts, events and tasks with the mobile devices that we support.

If you have upgraded your copy of Outlook, and are ready to go, we have created a knowledge base article to help show you how to configure Outlook 2011 SP1 for use with Missing Sync.

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