Friday, April 29, 2011

NOOK Color Update Supports 3rd Party Apps Including Fliq and Missing Sync

Earlier this week, Barnes & Noble released a hotly anticipated version 1.2 firmware update to their popular eReader and tablet, the NOOK Color.

After an initial hiccup, the update is available immediately for manual installation, and will also be pushed automatically to devices over the coming weeks.

The NOOK Color has been out for several months now, and has been making waves for being a great value in a color eReader, which was also has attributes of a tablet.

We had been working with the NOOK SDK for some time, and updated all of our Android applications to take advantage of the extra screen size of the Nook.

Now that the update is out, we are proud to say that we were selected amongst the group of initial launch partners for the new NOOK Apps feature, and are in the initial wave of applications available for the device.

You can currently find Fliq Calendar, Fliq Notes, Fliq Tasks and The Missing Sync available for download on the Nook.

We have plans to post Fliq Bookmarks as well very soon.

When combined with the desktop version of The Missing Sync, you can sync the events, tasks, and notes created with the Fliq applications on the NOOK Color with Mac or PC.

You can learn more about the new applications feature by watching the video below:

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