Sunday, April 24, 2011

Motorola XOOM and Honeycomb

Motorola started shipping the WiFi version of their new Honeycomb based tablet, the XOOM a few weeks back.

We have a few of them here at the office, and have started updating our Android products for both Honeycomb (Android OS version 3) and the XOOM.

As of last week, all of our Fliq products have been updated to be fully compatible with Honeycomb and the XOOM, and we have done the same for Missing Sync (currently supports WiFi and Bluetooth sync, we have more work to do in order to also support USB sync with Honeycomb).

We next plan to take advantage of the large format screen, and produce Honeycomb optimized versions of each of our Android applications. For example, a multi-paned screen layout for each of Fliq Tasks, Notes, Calendar and Bookmarks, as well as USB support in Missing Sync.

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