Monday, April 04, 2011

Fliq Calendar 1.2.1

After a false start with the 1.2 release, Fliq Calendar 1.2.1 is out and about.

Most of the changes were under the hood, to improve performance and fix various reported bugs/issues:
  • To make stand-alone use easier, the app now starts off with a default "Unfiled" calendar, rather than requiring you to create one when you create your first event. (This was not an issue if you used Fliq to sync with desktop calendars)
  • Code optimizations were done to increase performance where there are many repeating events
  • Fixed a longstanding issue where on certain models of HTC and Samsung phones, the calendar database could be reset after a device reboot.
  • Fixed an issue where an upgrade from the very first version posted to market (1.0.0) to the current release would fail (upgrades from any other version were not a problem)
Related to this, a few weeks ago we created an instructional video for Fliq Calendar. Even if you have been using Fliq Calendar for a while, you may want to check it out to pick up some tips.

What next for Fliq Cal? Well with honeycomb devices now starting to appear on store shelves, we're in the process of upgrading all of the Fliq apps to be "Honeycomb Savvy" and take advantage of the new tablet oriented OS.


LCastedo said...

Do you have plans to support Cal Dav, your solution for syncing iCal calendars in not practical (Knowledgebase note 540) and involves too many manual steps. It's been several months since Apple made the switch to CalDav and you haven't covered these need. Cheers.

Brian Hall said...

Would you be looking for CalDav support in Fliq Cal on your device, or in the Mac/PC version of Missing Sync?

This is not a trivial change/update to make, so it would need to either be an in-app purchase (if in the Android app) or part of an upcoming paid upgrade to Missing Sync.

We are considering both options.