Saturday, April 23, 2011

Apple Changes to MobileMe Calendaring

Apple has been making changes to MobileMe Calendaring over the last year, and those changes remove support for MobileMe calendars to work with the Mac OS X sync services framework in a way that 3rd party applications, such as Missing Sync, are able to perform a 2-way sync of calendar data via Mac OS X Sync Services.

Note that this change will only effect you if you are:
  1. Using a Mac
    (does not apply to you if you use a Windows PC)
  2. Using MobileMe Calendaring
    (does not apply to you if you use iCal without using MobileMe, or use a different calendaring application, such as Outlook 2011 for Mac)
  3. Wanting to do a 2-way sync of their MobileMe Calendars to non-Apple mobile devices
    (you will still be able to sync calendar events 1-way, desktop to device, even after the Apple forced upgrade)
Up until recently, use of the updated MobileMe system was optional, however Apple has now announced, via a recent Apple support article that "On May 5, 2011, MobileMe will transition to the new Calendar service. You must upgrade to the new Calendar to maintain calendar syncing between your devices and to continue accessing your calendar at"

For full details of the changes, and a number of options for those effected, please see our knowledge base article on this topic.

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