Friday, April 29, 2011

NOOK Color Update Supports 3rd Party Apps Including Fliq and Missing Sync

Earlier this week, Barnes & Noble released a hotly anticipated version 1.2 firmware update to their popular eReader and tablet, the NOOK Color.

After an initial hiccup, the update is available immediately for manual installation, and will also be pushed automatically to devices over the coming weeks.

The NOOK Color has been out for several months now, and has been making waves for being a great value in a color eReader, which was also has attributes of a tablet.

We had been working with the NOOK SDK for some time, and updated all of our Android applications to take advantage of the extra screen size of the Nook.

Now that the update is out, we are proud to say that we were selected amongst the group of initial launch partners for the new NOOK Apps feature, and are in the initial wave of applications available for the device.

You can currently find Fliq Calendar, Fliq Notes, Fliq Tasks and The Missing Sync available for download on the Nook.

We have plans to post Fliq Bookmarks as well very soon.

When combined with the desktop version of The Missing Sync, you can sync the events, tasks, and notes created with the Fliq applications on the NOOK Color with Mac or PC.

You can learn more about the new applications feature by watching the video below:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Outlook 2011 for Mac Adds Events and Tasks Sync

Microsoft recently updated Outlook 2011 for Mac with a Service Pack (SP1) update.

Among many other changes, Microsoft has now added support for aalendar events and tasks to be able to sync with other Mac applications via the Mac OS X Sync Services framework

Prior to this update, Outlook 2011 would sync contacts with Address Book, but not other data types. As of this new update, Outlook for Mac is now able to sync events and tasks to iCal as well.

The good news for our customers, is that you will now be able to use our Missing Sync products to sync Outlook 2011 for Mac contacts, events and tasks with the mobile devices that we support.

If you have upgraded your copy of Outlook, and are ready to go, we have created a knowledge base article to help show you how to configure Outlook 2011 SP1 for use with Missing Sync.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MacFan Review Gives 4.5 out of 5 to Missing Sync for Android

We received a copy of Netherlands based MacFan magazine yesterday in the mail, with the pleasant news that Missing Sync for Android was reviewed in the issue and received a 4.5 out of 5 rating.

For those that are in the Netherlands, look for the review on page 72 of the current issue, or you can read it online (Dutch Language)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Motorola XOOM and Honeycomb

Motorola started shipping the WiFi version of their new Honeycomb based tablet, the XOOM a few weeks back.

We have a few of them here at the office, and have started updating our Android products for both Honeycomb (Android OS version 3) and the XOOM.

As of last week, all of our Fliq products have been updated to be fully compatible with Honeycomb and the XOOM, and we have done the same for Missing Sync (currently supports WiFi and Bluetooth sync, we have more work to do in order to also support USB sync with Honeycomb).

We next plan to take advantage of the large format screen, and produce Honeycomb optimized versions of each of our Android applications. For example, a multi-paned screen layout for each of Fliq Tasks, Notes, Calendar and Bookmarks, as well as USB support in Missing Sync.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Apple Changes to MobileMe Calendaring

Apple has been making changes to MobileMe Calendaring over the last year, and those changes remove support for MobileMe calendars to work with the Mac OS X sync services framework in a way that 3rd party applications, such as Missing Sync, are able to perform a 2-way sync of calendar data via Mac OS X Sync Services.

Note that this change will only effect you if you are:
  1. Using a Mac
    (does not apply to you if you use a Windows PC)
  2. Using MobileMe Calendaring
    (does not apply to you if you use iCal without using MobileMe, or use a different calendaring application, such as Outlook 2011 for Mac)
  3. Wanting to do a 2-way sync of their MobileMe Calendars to non-Apple mobile devices
    (you will still be able to sync calendar events 1-way, desktop to device, even after the Apple forced upgrade)
Up until recently, use of the updated MobileMe system was optional, however Apple has now announced, via a recent Apple support article that "On May 5, 2011, MobileMe will transition to the new Calendar service. You must upgrade to the new Calendar to maintain calendar syncing between your devices and to continue accessing your calendar at"

For full details of the changes, and a number of options for those effected, please see our knowledge base article on this topic.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Fliq Calendar 1.2.1

After a false start with the 1.2 release, Fliq Calendar 1.2.1 is out and about.

Most of the changes were under the hood, to improve performance and fix various reported bugs/issues:
  • To make stand-alone use easier, the app now starts off with a default "Unfiled" calendar, rather than requiring you to create one when you create your first event. (This was not an issue if you used Fliq to sync with desktop calendars)
  • Code optimizations were done to increase performance where there are many repeating events
  • Fixed a longstanding issue where on certain models of HTC and Samsung phones, the calendar database could be reset after a device reboot.
  • Fixed an issue where an upgrade from the very first version posted to market (1.0.0) to the current release would fail (upgrades from any other version were not a problem)
Related to this, a few weeks ago we created an instructional video for Fliq Calendar. Even if you have been using Fliq Calendar for a while, you may want to check it out to pick up some tips.

What next for Fliq Cal? Well with honeycomb devices now starting to appear on store shelves, we're in the process of upgrading all of the Fliq apps to be "Honeycomb Savvy" and take advantage of the new tablet oriented OS.