Monday, November 21, 2011

New Welcome Home App Makes the Switch to a New Android Phone Fast and Easy


If you have, or plan to buy, a new Android phone, the one big dilemma you have probably considered is how to get your data and files currently on a BlackBerry, iPhone or your computer setup on your new Android phone - whether you have a new Motorola Photon 4G, a HTC EVO, a Samsung Galaxy SII, or another Android OS-powered phone.

Mark/Space, the award-winning developers of the popular The Missing Sync and Fliq apps, has solved this problem by releasing the Welcome Home to Android app, the fastest Android data setup app available.

With the release of the Welcome Home to Android app, customers making the switch to Android can now reliably, quickly and easily transfer, copy, migrate and setup their contacts, calendars, notes, music, photos, videos and other data and files from a BlackBerry or iPhone to Android in just minutes.

If you were waiting to get an Android phone until you could find a reliable and easy way to setup all of your vital data and files from a BlackBerry or iPhone to your new Android phone, your wait is over.

Welcome Home is just in time for the holidays. In fact, if you are gifting an Android phone to a family member or friend this holiday, now you can also include with your gift a simple registration code from Mark/Space after purchasing a copy of Welcome Home.

With the registration code, your gift recipient can easily download the Welcome Home app, and in minutes, begin setting up their new Android phone with all of their most important data and files from their BlackBerry or iPhone, and from their Mac or PC as well.

Until today, there was no single solution that offered a reliable, easy and fast way to transfer and setup data, media and files for customers who are new to the Android platform. Setting up a new Android phone can be complicated and time-consuming for people who switched to Android from a BlackBerry or iPhone device.

Even if you know someone who already has an Android phone, they will still benefit from the Welcome Home app because now they finally have a reliable way to get their vital data, files and media onto their Android device. Plus, they can even back-up their existing Android data to their Mac or PC, for safe-keeping.

Get more details, including features and requirements, about the Welcome Home to Android app, view screenshots of Welcome Home in action, and purchase your copy of Welcome Home today. Whether you buy Welcome Home for yourself, a friend or family member, the switch to an Android phone is now easier and faster than ever before.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fliq Apps in Korean - Global Coverage Expands

Android devices have seen explosive growth in South Korea over the last year and we’ve seen increased interest in Korean language versions of our mobile apps thanks to popular devices from Samsung and others. As a result, we’ve added Korean to the Mark/Space family of supported languages. We now offer products in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

Four Korean Android apps by Mark/Space can now be downloaded free from the Android Market: Fliq Notes, Fliq Tasks, Fliq Calendar and Fliq Bookmarks. Fliq apps are perfect for Android phones, tablets and e-readers, many of which don’t have productivity apps like notes and tasks pre-installed.

Friday, September 09, 2011

TechReview4You Video Review of Motorola Media Link

One of the many products Mark/Space has developed is Motorola Media Link, aka MML.

Motorola Media Link provides photo, music, video and podcast sync for Android based Motorola devices.

For a look at this Mac media sync product from Motorola, check out this video review from TechReview4You

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Get a sneak peek at Fliq Notes 2.0 via public beta

We have been working on Fliq Notes recently to add several new features, as well as to overhaul and update the user interface so that it works both on phones and tablets.

Major changes and new features are:
  • A Widget -- Use it to quickly get to your notes, or dictate a new note
  • New UI -- A combination Honeycomb (Android 3.x) and phone (Android 2.x) optimized user interface brings you the best experience regardless of the size of your device -- from phone to tablet
  • Favorites -- Access your favorite notes quickly by "starring" them
  • Filtering -- Filter notes by category, or by ones you have marked with a "favorite" star
  • Sorting -- Now sort by category, as well as Title, Modification date or Creation Date
  • Backup/Restore -- Ability to make a backup of the notes database to SD card
We are pretty close to release, and have a version available for public beta testing.

Note Editing on a Tablet

Category Editing on a Tablet

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dictating Your Notes, Fliq in Rolling Stone, Text Message Bliss and more - Mark/Space Newsletter #122 Posted

Our latest company newsletter has been posted.

The contents for issue 121 include:
  • What did I just say...? (Should have used Speech-to-Text)
    (How to dictate your notes into Fliq Notes on Android)
  • On the Cover of 'Rolling Stone'
    (Fliq and the NOOK in print!)
  • Don't Let This Happen to You
    (How to archive your phone messages on your desktop)

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Time Management Tips, OS X Lion Compatibility, Android Device Picks and more - Mark/Space Newsletter #121 Posted

Our latest company newsletter has been posted.

The contents for issue 121 are:
  • Time Management Tip — Stay Organized While On-the-Go
  • OS X Lion Compatibility
  • New Android Device Picks for July

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Proximity Sync, Windows Contacts, German/Japanese Language Support and more - Mark/Space Newsletter #120 Posted

Our latest company newsletter has been posted.

The contents for issue 120 are:
  • Sync Your Mobile Devices Automatically and Wirelessly
  • Windows Contacts Support Added to The Missing Sync for Android
  • Making The Missing Sync a "Family Affair"
  • Going Global: Getting Organized in Any Language

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Windows Contacts Support in Missing Sync for Android

You asked for it, you got it.

As of the 1.6.1 update, our PC version of Missing Sync for Android now supports Windows Contacts in addition to the support we have always had for Microsoft Outlook.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Localization: Dreimal Hoch or Domo Arigato, Mr. Andrato

As a company, we have a long history of localizing our apps to many languages, and distributing them worldwide.

We have spent the last 18 months working on our Android offerings, but to date, they have been English language only.

Language Distribution for our Product Category (Source: Android Market)

Watching the growing worldwide success of Android, and the distribution of customers speaking various languages, we decided the time was right to address the top 3 languages (Korean, Japanese and German), and began our localization efforts.

Our first two are now done, German and Japanese, for the Mac and PC Missing Sync for Android, as well as all of our Fliq apps for Android.

Next up -- Korean!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mark/Space Newsletter #119 Posted

Our latest company newsletter has been posted.

The contents for issue 119 are:
  • Outlook 2011 for Mac Adds Events and Tasks Sync
  • New Android Device Picks for June
  • Missing Sync Family Packs

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mac OS X Kiosk at Philadelphia Airport

Good News:
This is the first time I have seen Mac OS used in a kiosk.

Bad News:
This is how I found out...

(Bugs can happen to the best of us)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mark/Space Newsletter #118 Posted

Our latest company newsletter was posted last weekend.

The contents for issue 118 are:
  • Something New for Fliq Fans — Two More Free Android Apps: Tasks and Bookmarks
  • We're #1...and #2 and #5! (Fliq apps in Barnes & Noble app catalog)
  • Our Take on What's Ahead in Mobility Devices: Report from Google I/O

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Report from Google I/O

Mark/Space engineers were a few of the over 5000 lucky ones who got to attend the sold out Google I/O conference earlier this month in San Francisco, California.

There was a lot of info shared by Google, some of it still so secret we can't tell you yet! We did learn, and can share, that there are currently over 100 million activated Android devices, with 400,000 new Android devices activated every day. That's a lot of Android action!

Mark/Space joined the "in crowd" of developers, learning more about the 3.1 update to Google's new Android 3.1 operating system, code named "Honeycomb". Many of the latest Android tablets, such as the Motorola XOOM and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 are running this new Android OS. We attended several Honeycomb sessions to make sure that we have all of the tips and tricks to make sure our apps optimized for it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

The much acclaimed Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Honeycomb tablet, which we first saw at the CTIA show in Orlando last March, was handed out at the conference, providing developers a month to get ready before the official release. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 has a powerful CPU that runs flash smoothly, and a large screen in a very thin form factor.

Sony Xperia PLAY

Also, Google and Sony-Ericsson provided game developers with free Xperia PLAY (as in PlayStation) devices. In this phone, it's a lot more Sony then it is Ericsson, but that's a good thing! Gamers are going to enjoy this. The slide out game controller feels good – near the feel of a regular controller. The sound (2 speakers in real stereo) is pretty good for a phone. Of course, The Missing Sync for Android works well with the Xperia and will keep it in sync.

Monday, May 23, 2011

NOOK Color App Downloads Pass 1 Million in One Week - Fliq Apps take 3 of top 5 Spots

Barnes and Noble passed an important milestone last week with the NOOK Color -- over 1 million application downloads in the first week of launching Nook Apps.

It was also an important milestone for our Fliq series of personal productivity applications, as it was announced that Fliq Calendar, Fliq Notes and Fliq Tasks took 3 of the top 5 spots in their download rankings!

From the official press release:
"Among the top five free NOOK Apps are Fliq Calendar, Fliq Notes, Pulse, NOOK Word of the Day and Fliq Tasks, which help keep customers organized and informed on the highly portable NOOK Color." -- Barnes & Noble

We also were mentioned in various Android blogs:
"No longer just a book and magazine reader, the 7-inch Android-based device would be an affordable option for people looking for a (lite) tablet experience.

As for free options, Fliq owns three of the top five downloads in Fliq Calendar, Fliq Notes, and Fliq Tasks."
-- Android Guys

"The Barnes & Noble NOOK Color has quickly become a viable Android tablet through software upgrades and their fairly-new Apps store.

People clearly wanted to do more than read books on their NOOKs, though, as they have rushed to download over one million apps since the App store's inception."
-- Phandroid

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mark/Space Newsletter #117 Posted

Our latest company newsletter was just posted over the weekend.

The contents for this issue, #117, are:
  • The Missing Sync for Android 1.6
  • Introducing The Mark/Space Blog
  • Tip for Users of MobileMe and The Missing Sync

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Friday, May 06, 2011

Tasks, Bookmarks and Tablet Sync Support Added in New 1.6 Update to The Missing Sync for Android

We officially released the 1.6 update to The Missing Sync for Android today, both Mac and PC versions.

We had been posting the various components as they were finished over the last few weeks, and all of the components were finished and ready for the final release earlier this week.

The update combines our additions of Fliq Tasks and Fliq Bookmarks to our Fliq lineup of Android productivity/PIM applications, with changes to the Mac and PC desktop applications to support sync of those data types to Outlook and iCal (for Tasks) and Safari and IE (for bookmarks).

The major changes are:

  • Fliq Tasks
  • Fliq Bookmarks
  • Tasks Sync with Outlook (Mac and PC) and iCal (Mac)
  • Bookmark Sync with Safari and IE
  • Tablet support added, including Motorola XOOM, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Barnes and Noble NOOK Color
  • Many small performance and UI improvements across the board, including Fliq Notes, Fliq Calendar, and improved notification UI for the Missing Sync app that runs on the phone or tablet

The update is free for all existing customers of the product, and available at our store starting from $39.95 (business editions and multi-packs also available).

If you are an existing customer of one of our other products, you can get the special customer loyalty sidegrade price of $29.95.

This marks our last planned feature update to the 1.x series of the product, a total of 6 feature based free updates since we released the product back in November of 2009. We will continue to put out any maintenance releases or bug fixes needed, but the majority of our efforts now shift to starting work on our first major update, version 2.0, planned for release later this year.

Friday, April 29, 2011

NOOK Color Update Supports 3rd Party Apps Including Fliq and Missing Sync

Earlier this week, Barnes & Noble released a hotly anticipated version 1.2 firmware update to their popular eReader and tablet, the NOOK Color.

After an initial hiccup, the update is available immediately for manual installation, and will also be pushed automatically to devices over the coming weeks.

The NOOK Color has been out for several months now, and has been making waves for being a great value in a color eReader, which was also has attributes of a tablet.

We had been working with the NOOK SDK for some time, and updated all of our Android applications to take advantage of the extra screen size of the Nook.

Now that the update is out, we are proud to say that we were selected amongst the group of initial launch partners for the new NOOK Apps feature, and are in the initial wave of applications available for the device.

You can currently find Fliq Calendar, Fliq Notes, Fliq Tasks and The Missing Sync available for download on the Nook.

We have plans to post Fliq Bookmarks as well very soon.

When combined with the desktop version of The Missing Sync, you can sync the events, tasks, and notes created with the Fliq applications on the NOOK Color with Mac or PC.

You can learn more about the new applications feature by watching the video below:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Outlook 2011 for Mac Adds Events and Tasks Sync

Microsoft recently updated Outlook 2011 for Mac with a Service Pack (SP1) update.

Among many other changes, Microsoft has now added support for aalendar events and tasks to be able to sync with other Mac applications via the Mac OS X Sync Services framework

Prior to this update, Outlook 2011 would sync contacts with Address Book, but not other data types. As of this new update, Outlook for Mac is now able to sync events and tasks to iCal as well.

The good news for our customers, is that you will now be able to use our Missing Sync products to sync Outlook 2011 for Mac contacts, events and tasks with the mobile devices that we support.

If you have upgraded your copy of Outlook, and are ready to go, we have created a knowledge base article to help show you how to configure Outlook 2011 SP1 for use with Missing Sync.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MacFan Review Gives 4.5 out of 5 to Missing Sync for Android

We received a copy of Netherlands based MacFan magazine yesterday in the mail, with the pleasant news that Missing Sync for Android was reviewed in the issue and received a 4.5 out of 5 rating.

For those that are in the Netherlands, look for the review on page 72 of the current issue, or you can read it online (Dutch Language)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Motorola XOOM and Honeycomb

Motorola started shipping the WiFi version of their new Honeycomb based tablet, the XOOM a few weeks back.

We have a few of them here at the office, and have started updating our Android products for both Honeycomb (Android OS version 3) and the XOOM.

As of last week, all of our Fliq products have been updated to be fully compatible with Honeycomb and the XOOM, and we have done the same for Missing Sync (currently supports WiFi and Bluetooth sync, we have more work to do in order to also support USB sync with Honeycomb).

We next plan to take advantage of the large format screen, and produce Honeycomb optimized versions of each of our Android applications. For example, a multi-paned screen layout for each of Fliq Tasks, Notes, Calendar and Bookmarks, as well as USB support in Missing Sync.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Apple Changes to MobileMe Calendaring

Apple has been making changes to MobileMe Calendaring over the last year, and those changes remove support for MobileMe calendars to work with the Mac OS X sync services framework in a way that 3rd party applications, such as Missing Sync, are able to perform a 2-way sync of calendar data via Mac OS X Sync Services.

Note that this change will only effect you if you are:
  1. Using a Mac
    (does not apply to you if you use a Windows PC)
  2. Using MobileMe Calendaring
    (does not apply to you if you use iCal without using MobileMe, or use a different calendaring application, such as Outlook 2011 for Mac)
  3. Wanting to do a 2-way sync of their MobileMe Calendars to non-Apple mobile devices
    (you will still be able to sync calendar events 1-way, desktop to device, even after the Apple forced upgrade)
Up until recently, use of the updated MobileMe system was optional, however Apple has now announced, via a recent Apple support article that "On May 5, 2011, MobileMe will transition to the new Calendar service. You must upgrade to the new Calendar to maintain calendar syncing between your devices and to continue accessing your calendar at"

For full details of the changes, and a number of options for those effected, please see our knowledge base article on this topic.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Fliq Calendar 1.2.1

After a false start with the 1.2 release, Fliq Calendar 1.2.1 is out and about.

Most of the changes were under the hood, to improve performance and fix various reported bugs/issues:
  • To make stand-alone use easier, the app now starts off with a default "Unfiled" calendar, rather than requiring you to create one when you create your first event. (This was not an issue if you used Fliq to sync with desktop calendars)
  • Code optimizations were done to increase performance where there are many repeating events
  • Fixed a longstanding issue where on certain models of HTC and Samsung phones, the calendar database could be reset after a device reboot.
  • Fixed an issue where an upgrade from the very first version posted to market (1.0.0) to the current release would fail (upgrades from any other version were not a problem)
Related to this, a few weeks ago we created an instructional video for Fliq Calendar. Even if you have been using Fliq Calendar for a while, you may want to check it out to pick up some tips.

What next for Fliq Cal? Well with honeycomb devices now starting to appear on store shelves, we're in the process of upgrading all of the Fliq apps to be "Honeycomb Savvy" and take advantage of the new tablet oriented OS.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fliq Notes - New 1.6 Version for Android

We have a nice update to Fliq Notes posted today.

One of the smaller changes is cosmetic -- we brightened up things with the title bar:

But the reason we bumped the version number from 1.5 to 1.6 is the addition of a new feature -- password protection -- also found in the new Fliq Tasks application. Just visit the settings dialog, select a password, and then each time you launch the app, you must enter the password before being allowed to access the notes.

Fliq Notes 1.6 is available now in Android Market.

This marks the last feature update we have planned for the 1.x series of Fliq Notes, although we will continue to release 1.6.x updates if they are warranted to fix bugs or support new devices that come out between now and our planned 2.x update to Fliq Notes.

Shortly we will begin planning out the 2.0 version, where we will be making the app Honeycomb (tablet) savvy, and adding a widget. If you have other suggestions for new features for 2.0, please send them our way via a blog comment, or email to andrdoid-market @

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fliq Calendar Instructional Video

Our support department has finished the first in a planned series of instructional/overview videos for each of our Fliq apps. For this first video, we are spotlighting Fliq Calendar.

The video includes a tour of the application showing how to create events, switch views, select categories, customize category colors, and sync to Mac or PC desktop with The Missing Sync.

Look for additional videos soon to cover Fliq Tasks and Fliq Notes.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fliq Bookmarks Public Beta for Android

Joining Fliq Tasks, we have also just placed a public beta of Fliq Bookmarks in the Android market.

While the primary reason we are developing this app is to support desktop sync of bookmarks with Safari (Mac) and IE (PC), we also set out to create a bookmarks utility that would be useful all by itself.

Some of the nice features you will find in this version are

  • Tabbed interface to both desktop bookmarks, and system (handheld) bookmarks
  • Support for nested folders of bookmarks from the desktop
  • Ability to long-press a desktop bookmark and copy it to your handheld bookmarks

Bookmarks from the desktop support folders for nesting and organization

Manage System Bookmarks Too!

Fliq Tasks Now In Public Beta for Android

Long time customers will know that we have done handheld productivity applications for a number of platforms, including iOS, webOS and Android. Sometimes this is because a platform does not have an included application that supports a data type that we want to sync -- for example, Android does not include a note pad or a tasks/to-do list application. Other times this is because the device includes an application, but there is no way for a 3rd party developer to get at the data -- this was the case for notes and iOS (no API for us to get at the data).

For us, we look at this as a great opportunity to provide two things at once -- both the handheld application to handle the data, as well as the functionality to sync that data with your Mac or PC desktop.

To date we have done Android apps to handle notes (Fliq Notes) and calendar data (Fliq Calendar).

As part of the roadmap for Missing Sync for Android, and since we did the first 1.0 release of that product, we have always identified that we would add support for tasks, and today we get closer to that step with the first public beta release of Fliq Tasks in the Android Market.

Like our versions of Fliq Tasks for iOS and webOS, we include a number of features:
  • Sort by name, due date, priority, and category
  • Categorize your tasks, and even assign a custom color to each task category
  • Select font and size of text for the task list
  • Optionally require a password to access tasks
and once we release Missing Sync for Android 1.6:
  • Sync with Outlook (PC) and iCal (Mac)

We encourage you to try this public beta version of Fliq Tasks for Android. This version is being posted in the Android market ahead of the upcoming Mac and PC 1.6 update of The Missing Sync for Android so that we can collect feedback on the Android application itself.

Please send us your comments, questions, and feature requests via email to android-market @